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Creating a progressive future through negative emissions.

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To reach Paris Agreement goals, sectors such as aviation, heavy engineering and agriculture must decarbonise by 2050. But technical and commercial barriers mean it will be impossible for these industries to entirely reduce their carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions in time. Instead, we must also look to ways we can actively remove them.

Negative emissions are a proven, scalable set of solutions that offer the opportunity to remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, slow the effects of climate change and enable industries to continue to thrive. By taking action to deploy negative emissions today we can advance the world towards an environmentally prosperous, economically progressive, net zero future.

The Coalition for Negative Emissions aims to build momentum, shape policy, and develop the market for negative emissions globally

We are made up of a diverse range of companies across industries, from landowners and environmental stewards, large users and generators of energy, to technology start-ups and large manufacturers. We work across differing sectors of global economies, but we share a common vision: to develop and deploy negative emissions at a scale that will create genuine impact across the world.

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Negative emissions technologies are going to play a major role in helping the world decarbonise and businesses are advancing their development at pace. But unless urgent action is taken to support their deployment, we’re on track to miss vital climate targets.

Human activity is destabilising the Earth’s climate. A rise in global average temperatures is already having a significant impact on weather systems and society.

To avoid such devastating impact, action is required now. Emissions reduction will be the main way to adhere to a 1.5°C pathway, but this alone is not enough. Negative emissions – achieved through technologies that actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it long term – are an essential part of the solution.

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Carbon dioxide removal methods serve to offset residual emissions and, in most cases, achieve net negative emissions to return to 1.5°C”

The potential of negative emissions is huge. The time available to act on that potential is finite.

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20 billion tonnes

How much carbon the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimate will need to be captured by negative emissions annually to prevent catastrophic climate change

88 out of 90

Number of scenarios considered by the IPCC that assume some form of negative emissions as essential for limiting temperate rise to 1.5°C

12 gigatonnes

Estimated global capacity available to permanently store captured carbon

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Our mission is made stronger by our members

We are calling on governments around the world to work with industry, landowners and environmental bodies to adopt a clear, unambiguous commitment in support of negative emissions. We welcome membership enquiries from organisations of all sizes that wish to support this ambition. Find out how yours can join and help us advance towards a net zero future for economies and environments through negative emissions.

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