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Who we are

Collective expertise, a shared vision.

We believe in a net zero future. We have the scale and expertise to help create it.

Our current members include landowners and environmental stewards, large users and generators of energy, technology start-ups and large manufacturers and operators within aviation and agriculture.

Given our breadth of expertise, we have unique insight into the scale of the challenges faced in reaching climate targets. We also have expertise in how to address those challenges in a way that will allow economies and sustainable industries to thrive.

Our goal is not just to decarbonise, but to decarbonise while ensuring continued economic progress. To do this, negative emissions will be essential.

We are a collection of organisations from a diverse range of industries with a shared ambition: to create a sustainable economy while helping protect the environment.

Coalition Members

Net zero needs advocates for action

We welcome membership enquiries from organisations of all sizes that wish to support our ambition and grow negative emissions. Find out how your organisation can help us advance towards a net zero future through negative emissions.

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